• We are a Canadian trading company registered in British Columbia , Canada in 1979.
  • Mr. Ali Rahimtula, president and founder of Transnational enterprises ltd is the son of Amir Rahimtula.
  • Mr. Amir Ali Rahimtula was a pioneer in the import of fertilizers into India and was highly regarded entrepreneur in the international fertilizers industry. The elder Amir Rahimtula was also the founder and 1st chairman of ‘The Fertilizer Association of India'.
  • The Rahimtula Groups of Companies established in 1952 by Mr. Amir Ali Rahimtula and his brother Mr. Amed Ali Rahimtula. The group has been in the Indian fertilizers importing and marketing business for the past 50 years. His sons now strive to maintain and build upon the excellent reputation acquired by their father, not only in India but also strive to expand their trading activities in other Pacific rim countries.
  • The Rahimtula Group in India has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Late Mr. Amir Ali Rahimtula

Late Mr. Ahmed Ali Rahimtula

  • Transnational was established to facilitate trade between North American and the Indian sub-continent and to use the goodwill of the Rahimtula name and continue to build on the strengths, provided by the Rahimtula business connections in India.

  • Ability to facilitate trade between North America and South-East Asia in view of excellent relationships developed with North American suppliers and Asian buyers over the past 24 years.
  • Access to assistance from friendship in India, the Middle-East and South-East Asia.
  • Long-term experience in import export businesses/shipping & chartering bulk carriers and trade finance.

Further interests:
  • Import of cane sugar and varieties of rice for the North American market.
  • Import of “finished” granite tiles and slabs from Asia for the office and house building industry.
  • Export of minerals from India to china such as Iron ore / chrome ore.
  • Export of lumber and Forest products to Middle East, South-East Asia and Indian subcontinent.
  • Export of salt from India to china and other countries.
  • Imports of commodities such as green coffee cashew nuts from India .
  • Imports of frozen sea foods and shrimps from India to USA and Canada.
  • Export of Canadian seafood to Europe .

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